HOPEful Orphan Ministries


HOPEful Orphan Ministries is a fledgling orphan ministry team associated with a larger church who wanted to have their own dedicated web paged, independent from the parent church.

HOPEful Front Page


As a large part of the website is text-based, the front page is clean and simple, featuring a beautiful image slider, with each uniquely edited photo linked to various feature articles.  The site layout is sleek and simple.  In order to avoid becoming cluttered, I sorted the information for the various pages and designed an organizational structure and a uniform menu system to match that was predictable and easy to use.  The logo, banner, and primary feature image were designed and edited by myself.  Some of the less-prominent images were provided by members of the ministry team.

Being a ministry team, HOPEful wanted to be able to post various features, updates, and articles to the front page at regular intervals.  Each of these is captured onto an archives page in order that older articles can still be accessed at any time.   As some events required attendees to sign up in advance, a function to create a form for registration was added.  Registrations could then be cataloged and tracked.

In order to demonstrate where the ministry team was working around the world,   I was able to take a world map and add virtual push pins.  When a user rolls over one of the push pins with the mouse, a description of what work the ministry was performing in that particular area would pop up.   This allowed the group to demonstrate their efforts in a thorough and uncluttered manner.

Much of the remainder of the website is text and information-based.  Other minor features include a contact form and another forms for submitting resources to the ministry for their evaluation and potential use.