Eden Bridge Foundation

Eden Bridge Foundation is a great example of a coordinated effort between several parties: the client, a marketing firm, and a graphic designer sub-contracted by that firm.  Eden Bridge Foundation was looking to re-brand and re-launch, which included a new online feel.  In order to coordinate the transition, they hired a marketing EBFFullpagewho used a third-party graphic designer to design the logo and provide a template and image suggestion for the basic webdesign of the site.  Andreychek Web and Marketing Designs took an active role in that process to guide and shape the final product as well as produced the completed, edited product.

In addition to working collaboratively to shape the final product, Andreychek Web and Marketing designs migrated the material from the foundations previous website to the new.  Additionally, it was necessary to mold and shape the layout to match the new color scheme and design.  For example, the previous website had a dated look, therefore it was necessary to re-design many of the graphics with a clean, modern feel.  Moreover, not all of the material fit into the new design template, so adjustments to the overall design needed to made to match.

The overall design has a very regal tone.  In discussions with the client, we agreed that the general feeling should be the feeling of walking into a bank: clean, orderly, professional, with plenty of open space.  Addressing those needs, the focal point of the front page is a high-resolution feature image carrying the overall vision of the foundation. The text on the home page is minimal, drawing the viewer deeper into the web page.

As with most websites, the Eden Bridge Foundation website touts a custom menu, unique color scheme, and contact page.  In addition, a subtle feature that the client wished to have is the ability to maintain the menu at the top of the page while scrolling.  To accomplish this, when a user scrolls down, the logo shrinks to a smaller form and both the smaller logo and menu stick to the top of the page, regardless of how deep into the page a user scrolls.