Admittedly, this was an inside-job.  This website was created for my parents, both of whom are master wood workers and neither of whom has any great claim to technological prowess.  The plan was simple: create a website for them to share their creations with a sleek, clean layout, while maintaining a user-friendly interface for them to be able to Chipps5maintain the site on their own.

Designing the website, in this case, was the easy part.  In most cases, designers want to avoid a monochrome layout, but in this case it gives not only a melange of modern and traditional, it also allows for the user to focus on the main purpose of the page, which is to view their wood creations.

The true trick to this website was creating a functional back end that would be easy for my parents to be able to upload new digital albums and have them be automatically organized into the site’s structure.  Using a simple system of tags and an easy-to-use, yet high-quality photo gallery, I created an simple method for them to create new pages, in order that whenever they added new images, they would automatically add to existing pages or generate new ones depending on how they were tagged.

Maintaining a web page isn’t for everyone.  However, this website is a good example that with a solid back-end, almost anyone who is interested can be able to remain involved with the content on their site.