About Us

Andreychek Web and Marketing Designs is primarily a one-man show.  I am actually a world language teacher to eighth graders  who happens to enjoy web design.  FeatureI dabbled in it for a long time as a hobby, before becoming a professional.  I have also worked as a system administrator for my school’s website since 2004.  I began doing web design as a professional side job in 2013.

It is unfortunate that many businesses who are looking to be present online are put off by the enormous costs of starting and maintaining a website.  As this is not my primary means of income, I am able to offer professional-quality designs at comparatively reduced rate.

While the typical job that I perform for people is web design, I am also a self-taught photo and video editor.   I have also edited for families, splicing together montages of family footage and have even edited video for weddings. Moreover, one of my additional assignments at my school is to manage the television studio where we produce a daily morning show.  As a part of this work, I have had the opportunity to explore creatively within the world of video, which has led to a variety of successful productions.